Review: Juvva  
  Look who Naidu is nominating for RS!  
  PC terminates contract with Modi  
  When PM does a Bhangra...  
  Centre's Polavaram CBI bomb!!  
  When a single tweet rendered 8300 cr loss to Snapchat!  
  Review: Raa Raa  
  US makes H-1B visa approval tougher for 3rd-party worksites  
  Shocker: Rebel Star her subordinate?  
  Review: Hyderabad Love Story  
  RGV gets GST shock in YouTube  
  Man who did Arjun Reddy in public arrested!  
  Nitya became an alcohol addict?  
  When Trisha went topless  
  Mohan Babu sensational decision  
  MAA Misappropriation of funds?  
  Director's wife starts new venture  
  Tarak wants a daughter, he'd name her...!  
  Viral vid: Women escapes fatal mishap boarding moving train!  
  Killing us with such 'bada$$' look  
Pooja Hegde's role in Saakshyam revealed
  KCR to form Telangana Rashtra Rythu Samanvaya Samithi  
  Kodandaram in Delhi for registration of his party  
  Congress bus yatra will expose TRS Govt's failure  
  Damodar opposes Nagam entry into Congress  
  Modi wrecking vengeance on AP  
  Koti Women’s College to be varsity this academic year  
  IVR Krishna Rao sacked as AP Archakas Fund Trust chief  
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India Rupees
Gold (10g) 31,283.42
US Dollar 63.92
Euro (EUR) 79.90
British Pound (GBP) 90.04
Australian Dollar 50.67
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  CBN - Modi - The Allies Turning Into Follies
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Raa Raa   Raa Raa  
Juvva   Juvva  
Hyderabad Love Story   Hyderabad Love Story  
Awe   Awe  
After robbing the bank, 1 robber to clerk : Did you see me robbing? 

Clerk : Yes I saw u. 

Robber killed him and asked to the next clerk : Did u? 
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  Young Tiger 'On Silent Mode'?  
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  Tiger Shroff's action hero dreams  
  Hotness + Elegance = Isha  
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  Priya thanks nation  
  Tollywood heroes egos!  
  Not afraid to fail  
  Neetu releases song on International Mother Language Day  
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